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It's a great time to be service designing at HMRC digital

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Tory Dunn Head of Design HMRC digitalIt’s a great time to be service designing at HMRC and perhaps I would say that - I’m Tory Dunn, Head of Design at HMRC digital. But I’m really excited about what the future holds. I've been working at HMRC and in government for one brilliant and challenging year (and a fortnight) and I’m looking for some new talent to join my team.

If you’re a designer who has followed the development of services in government you’ll know we always start any new service design with the question: what are the user needs? You may also know we’ve built a large design community in HMRC that works in six design centres - Newcastle, Shipley, Manchester, Telford, London and Worthing - and collaborates across disciplines and locations. We’re working on delivering over 50 digital services - to make it easy for users to get what they need from HMRC.

Here is where “service designing” comes in. People using our services use them end-to-end: starting from GOV.UK or Google, to when they know they have completed whatever it is they need to do. Their end-to-end journey will often cover the work of multiple digital service scrum teams, and it can include what happens offline. It can also include the policy intention that starts the ball rolling to create a new service. We know designing integrated and coherent end-to-end journeys takes a specific type of design attention: service design.

Tory Dunn and her team at work
Tory and her team

In HMRC digital we’ve been adding service designers to our design community for around a year now, although our philosophy is it takes more than just service designers to do good service design. What we mean is that developing and designing great integrated services and user experiences takes team members across disciplines - policy experts, operations people, product owners, technologists, designers, researchers, support advisors, etc. The role that a service designer plays in all of this is being able to lead a user-centred approach to the whole system we are creating, and choreographing how all the disciplines contribute.

Service designers also bring different stakeholders together to work on a problem, including service users and industries that HMRC works with, like accountants and software providers. We regularly use co-design events and design sprints to actively create ideas, prototype, test and learn.

Some of our service designers are working in programmes for business tax - like how software companies can develop streamlined systems to allow businesses to file taxes directly from their accounting software. Others are creating the future of the personal tax account: helping people confidently pay the right taxes and get the right tax credits.

HMRC digital service Designers at work
It's a team effort

We also work with other government departments and agencies, for example we’re developing a new service to provide businesses with secure access to the services they use across multiple government departments.

You can probably tell that I’m passionate about great service design. I hope that gives you a bit of a flavour of service design in HMRC. If you’re a service designer, we are recruiting, and it’s a great time to be involved in working on things that really matter to people - it in a way that creates effective and integrated experiences - across entire services.

We’re going to be advertising for several service design roles at different levels and in different locations over the coming weeks. So take a look and keep checking for new roles as they’re being added all the time.

Tory Dunn

Head of Design

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